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March 27, 2014


DSCN2474 DSCN2467


Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 16.41.04

Ta-da…these are now available to buy in the Welsh Rare-bits Co. Shop. Click on the screen cap above to go to the shop.

My next project involves a badger skull that my sister brought up from the woods. I thought she was bringing me something nice, she walked in carrying a Marks&Spencers bag so obviously I thought it was food. You can imagine my suprese!!

March 12, 2014

Kitchen Utensils – Work In Progress

DSCN2405 DSCN2403 DSCN2402 DSCN2399I’m hoping to continue this project and make a whole loads of paper kitchen utensils. These are just the few that I managed to do today. Frying pans are hard work, as are ladles. Those are little bastards to make! The main theme of this subject that I have been covering is how we define ‘home’. I have broken it down though and obviously at the moment I’m tackling the kitchens. I’ve realised that kitchens are funny places as they seem to have become the social room these days. It’s sometimes the first room a person will see and i’m quite intrigued with how people keep their kitchens. Is it a designer kitchen? do you have all your cooking stuff on display? is it a basic kitchen? Bet you’re fed up with saying the word kitchen now so i’ll wrap up. Its just something that i’ve been looking into as a starter for some new work. I’m quite pleased with everything so far but can’t wait to add more. x


April 22, 2013

Paper Art Installation

DSCN1360  DSCN1363


DSCN1354  DSCN1358

DSCN1357 DSCN1356

DSCN1350  DSCN1352


These installation boxes are some of the first full pieces of work I ever did. They were for my Foundation Diploma Graduation Show. I was looking into climate control at the time and everything surrounding it. The use of paper was a deliberate choice in reflecting how we use it everyday but it too, is a form of polluting due to the cutting down of trees obviously. The trees’s in the last box have little smart cars as leaves!

February 28, 2013


DSCN1207 DSCN1208 DSCN1209 DSCN1210 DSCN1211


This is the first in a series of bell jar installations I’m planning to do. Obviously they’re quite similar to ‘The Borrowers’ work that I did previously. The work is super small, the jar is only about 10cm in height.  I love doing work like this, I’m really glad that I’ve got back into it. Im just enjoying experimenting and seeing what I come up with. Enjoy and take care. x

November 6, 2012

Paper Chains








Im getting myself into the Christmas spirit, I know that its only November but I really love this time of year, plus its the only thing that gets me through these dark nights coming earlier. I made some paper chains to decorate my room with. I remember doing mono printing when I was on my Foundation Art&Design course and loved it, so thought I’d use it for the design on the chains. Everyone has a favourite Christmas film, a film that really gets them in the mood. Well mine is Nightmare Before Christmas, I think its so charming and I always end up watching it around midnight on Christmas eve. Im huge Tim Burton fan in general and that was the inspiration behind the artwork on the paper chains.

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