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August 5, 2013

Taking A Line For A Walk















Do you remember those drawing exercises they would make you do on the Foundation course? One of them was learning to draw without taking your pen/pencil off the paper. There should be no isolated aspect to the drawing. I’ve got my niece staying with me and last christmas I bought her Art in a box from the TATE which was full of different projects for her to do. One of them was the taking a line for a walk drawing exercise. We haven’t embarked on that project yet but I decided to go ahead and do it while she was busy painting. Totally forgot how much fun it is and I actually really like the final outcome. I don’t know about anyone else but I have bouts of just not being able to get out of my own head, its crazy. Im just stuck on work which you have to be able to sell and constantly thinking about the consumer. Now I know that when you start out as an artist these are jobs you have to do but not when it affects your imagination. Thats why I enjoy the time my niece spends with me so much, I forget about creating work for my shop and more about just creating.

Take care,

Rach x

July 31, 2013

Look What I found!





I love delving into the room of requirements and seeing what I turn up with. Note: Always wear shoes when you go in there, you may need to squish a spider!

So these two paintings were done in my first year of uni doing illustration. The brief was to so a series of 12 illustrations for laptop covers…fun! I don’t think i paid any attention to the brief at all and went off an a tangent in the end producing these. I have no idea where the rest are, i have a feeling that i probably threw them out. The top one is quite obviously “Little Red Riding Hood” which I did using oil pastels. The bottom one i think is “Hansel and Gretel” with acrylics. If my memory serves me right, these were the only two that turned out right.

I didn’t half to some rubbish stuff in uni! haha! That being said, I am quite please with these two paintings, I’m not much of a painter in the traditional sense my hands just dont seem to want to do anything which resembles the subject matter. Yep, my hand have a mind of their own.

Take care folks,

Rach x

July 29, 2013

Artist Book

DSCN1852DSCN1855DSCN1850DSCN1856DSCN1848 DSCN1851

The sunshine has come to an end so this is what i have been working on through the rain. Nice to be able to finally get back into the swing of things again. I’ve been attempting to create this artist book for a while. It’s my entry into the Sheffield International Artist Book Prize. Hopefully I’ll have more luck with this competition that I did with the last one I entered, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. As I mentioned, I’ve been working on this for a while but i was completely stumped for ages as to what direction to go in for it. Also, everytime I came up with an idea and went to work on it, my hands had other thoughts and nothing turned out the way I wanted it to. But I’m exceptionally pleased with this piece. The text inside reads: Love can sometimes be magic.

But Magic can sometimes just

be an illusion.

I’ve done prints of the text before but I loved it so much that i decided to use it for the book too. Let me know your thoughts on it, I’d love to know what you think if you could spare the time.

Take care,

Rach x

June 27, 2013


DSCN1746 DSCN1743 DSCN1741 DSCN1739 DSCN1738 DSCN1737 DSCN1735 DSCN1733 DSCN1732 DSCN1731DSCN1747 DSCN1748 DSCN1749 DSCN1750 DSCN1751 DSCN1753 DSCN1754 DSCN1755 DSCN1756 DSCN1757 DSCN1758 DSCN1759 DSCN1760 DSCN1761 DSCN1763 DSCN1764 DSCN1765 DSCN1766


Thought Id share some photographs of my sketchbooks with you while I’m working on some new projects. In the selection I have sketchbooks that I used on my textile course. looking at different inspirations and experimenting with textures and pattern in fabrics as well as surface pattern. All knit work and drawings are my own, there are cut outs from magazines that I have in there that show where my inspiration came from as well as my own photographs of my surrounding woods. Ive also put in some photographs of my first cut-out book I did, as well as another sketchbook that went with it along the theme of Japan and Nature. I’ve then added my sketchbook that was part of my illustration degree. It was to create a reference book in our own style. The work I’ve shown from it is once again my own that I incorporated, also thought I’d do some close ups of my typography. Enjoy! x

May 27, 2013

Papergirl Leeds and New Work in shop

DSCN1563 DSCN1565 DSCN1567





Papergirl Leeds is an exhibition that will be taking place in Leeds. All work sent in will then be rolled up and distributed around Leeds by bike. To find out more go to

The top three images are my entries.

The bottom prints are now available in my etsy shop so please go and check them out there.

April 24, 2013

Parisian Shopping

DSCN1402 DSCN1379


DSCN1381 DSCN1382 DSCN1384


Looking for something to do, I bought these fabulous blocks off of etsy. I was going to do a standard village but then I thought i’d have a go at doing some high fashion Paris stores. I’m happy with how they’ve turned out but not entirely. I worry that maybe they’re a little too twee. But anyway, its up to you what you make of them. They are available on my Etsy shop.

April 11, 2013

The Print Exchange 2013

These mono prints are my entry into The Print Exchange 2013. The theme open for interpretation is ‘The Drive Home’. I chose to convey tiredness when driving through the night and how your mind conjures up the most surreal ideas.

The whole point of the exchange is to create a series of 12 prints, 10 will go to another unknown print artist who has entered the exchange. One will be archived at the Brooklyn Art Library and another will be entered for an exhibition taking place in New York. Its put together by the amazing people of and just seemed like another fantastic opportunity to get my work out there and noticed. Im really looking forward to seeing which prints I receive.

Being a new artist I really love these projects, their not paid work however it is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and for them to see your work. Ive had quite a few people recently complain about the fact this isn’t paid and why aren’t I concentrating and getting work that does pay. The simple answer is that I really enjoy taking part in these projects and the first bit of advice given to us by our lecturers in art school was that sometimes doing work for free in the beginning of your career can end up being far more rewarding. Creatively and monetarily.

DSCN1304  DSCN1297

DSCN1310  DSCN1309

DSCN1308  DSCN1307

DSCN1306  DSCN1305

DSCN1303  DSCN1302

DSCN1301  DSCN1300

DSCN1299  DSCN1298



April 7, 2013

Heidi/ New Website

DSCN1287   DSCN1288 ‘Heidi’, wood, pen, 2013

Here is a piece of work that I have recently completed. I previously posted the “work in progress” version however here it is now in its completion. I’m very pleased with the way its turned out. I’ve placed it over on my new website here. I will also be adding it to my Etsy shop and also to my SaatchiOnline profile.

DSCN1293  DSCN1294  DSCN1290




March 16, 2013

Life Drawing

DSCN1253 DSCN1254


Life drawing – Paper cut out

Conte pastel and charcoal

March 16, 2013


DSCN1222 DSCN1224 DSCN1225 DSCN1226


Mono print and collage to form my favourite part of where I live!

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