Paper Cut Crown

crownredo1 crownredo2 crown3redo

Its my niece’s birthday in a couple of days so I thought I would make her a special crown for her party…it’ll probably be in shreds by the end of the night if the younger niece gets her hands on it! I’ve really enjoyed doing this, i go through various periods where I hate doing cut outs and nothing turns out how i’d like but I was fairly relaxed when I sat down to do this and didn’t heap a mound of pressure on myself for it.

I’ve been listening to the Reith Lectures recently which the artist Grayson Perry has been giving.  I always get rather apprehensive about listening to artists giving lectures about art as you always come out of it feeling rather inferior. Grayson Perry has a very down to earth way about him and doesn’t use a load of arty vocabulary where you spend more time concentrating on translating rather than just appreciating what is being said.  I highly recommend you have a listen if you think its something you might be interested in – Reith Lectures with Grayson Perry

Also, the Ohh Deer Pillow Fight competition is still open. You have little under a week to get your limited edition cushions. You can find my designs here 1,2,3

Right then, done! x


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