“The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil’s own satanic HERD.” Blackadder II

Well…where to begin really. First craft fair and it was a total disaster!

One word…W.I

Before I delve into my rant about yesterday, I would just like to really thank everyone who commented on this blog and who has shared their advice with me. It wasn’t half arsed comments either, it was genuinely thoughtful advice which I took on board. It meant a lot to have that so I thank you lots and lots! Also, the unsuccessful nature of yesterday had nothing to do with any advice that I was given as I have already stated, everyones comments and opinions were brilliant and very relevant.

In all honesty, I don’t know what we could have done differently yesterday. Got there on time, did a beautiful display of the work, I thought the products we had were excellent but is that just me? You do wonder about these things, whether you are totally blind to the quality of your work. But that’s another thing, so many people came over to our stall and commented on how wonderful everything looked. I thought this would be the right time to bring out the christmas stock and to appeal to those who were doing their christmas shopping, but then there were some customers who were all “oooooh, if only it were a bit closer to christmas, I’d buy this.” so obviously I had the wrong idea!

The nice thing about yesterday was that it was a beautiful location (If you’re ever in Wales, Narberth is a beautiful place to go) and the people who were on the stalls with us were lovely.

If I could just take a minute to be slip into “Bitch mode” this craft fair is not the same as the ones you get in the cities. There’s a lot of…pastel coloured knitted baby clothes. The jewellery is beads that have been ‘bought in’ and that have been threaded onto a piece of string, am I painting you a good picture here? Please bear in mind that this is just my opinion. But that also seems to be what people would like to spend their money on. We chose to go to Narberth as Pembrokeshire is very well knows for being an extremely arty part of Wales.

I think maybe I’m a bit of a snob about arts and crafts sometimes, perhaps thats Karma for me. But i’m just going to say it…there was a hell of a lot of crap there and Im shocked that people bought it. So there, na na nana na! 😛

Anyway, it just means I have to get myself together and its on to the next one!

Take care,

Rach x


2 Comments to ““The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil’s own satanic HERD.” Blackadder II”

  1. Oh no! That’s a real shame. I have never done a craft fair, and of those I’ve been to, rural, not in cities, there was only one that was not like the one you describe – they do seem to be full of tat. I hope you have better luck next time.

    • Tat! That was the word I was looking for. Its funny, for a day that was thoroughly unproductive, its not half mentally exhausting. oh well, yes I hope the next one is going to be better too! x

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