Advice Needed

Alright folks, I was wondering if you would be a darling and help me out with a bit of advice please? Next weekend I will be doing my first ever craft stall. Im nervous about this. What if nothing sells and it all goes to pot! We’re going to do a trial run of our stall layout this weekend but I was hoping for a bit of advice from those of you who have done something similar before and also from those who haven’t, what is it you look for when you go to these things? absolutely any advice is appreciated so of you could please spare the time I would be really grateful. Thanks ever so much.

Rach x


9 Comments to “Advice Needed”

  1. Hi Rachel 🙂 Your Craft Stall sounds like a great idea – your work is very lovely and quite different which is definitely a positive. An attractive layout always appeals to me (plenty on display, but organised in a well thought, non-cluttered way). I think having a range of prices is good – somebody might love your work but only be able to afford something for less than £10. If it is a stall alongside other artists and makers, use the chance to get to know them and hear about their experiences. Mostly I sell work (books, cards & wrapping paper) through other venues/shops but I have done a couple of stall type things before. Even if it is a slow day selling wise, there have always been valuable conversations and interesting people, and it is still worth it, and an enjoyable day (even if I feel nervous beforehand). Wow, this got rather long – I hope this somewhat helps, and best of luck – I’d definitely stop by and buy something of yours if I saw your stall 🙂 x

    • You’re an absolute star!! Thanks so much for the advice. We have learned our lesson with the pricing of things. My mum did a craft stall last Christmas and her work was quite expensive but the area which she was selling wasnt a particularly affluent one unfortunately. I really am grateful you took the time to write. I’ll probably do a post next weekend writing about the experience. Even if it isn’t a good one! 😉 hoping for the best though. Let you know how it goes. X

  2. I’m so happy your starting to do craft fairs! I love all your work. My advice is have a appealing display, something unique. (took me while to figure this one out) Also interact with as many people as you can, people always feel more inclined to buy something when they make a connection beyond the product. Hope you sell lots and have a fun time! Best of luck!

    • Thank you so much for the advice. Thats what we have been doing this weekend is playing about with how the stall will look. Its quite nerve wracking isn’t it this stall business? I’ve decided that I’m going to make sure i enjoy myself above anything else and yes, as you said, make sure I interact with as many people as possible. I’m looking forward to seeing what other sort of stalls they have there. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Really appreciate it. x

  3. Make sure you have some business cards laying around your table for passers to grab,its very important also to have a clear name banner or something that buyers will see and retain in their heads,maybe a nice paper banner with colors from your pieces, don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to your stand, and make it all about you and what you represent and like to transmit!

    Break a leg!

    • Wow, thanks so much for the advice. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. We had thought about a banner so now you’ve mentioned it I think we’ll definitely try out some ideas. I really enjoy doing typography so It would be a good chance to show off my skills!

      Thanks again! x

  4. Hi Rachel, Consider the after show effects as more important than the show. How will people find you again? How can someone see more? Can you get them to sign an e-mail notice of future shows? can you do a one day free prize drawing? After show drawing? do you have a blog card to handout? How can the other booths benefit from you being there? (will you post their highlights on your blog, and they post yours? Can you sit in front of your booth instead of behind a table? Talk to everyone! Hand out Hi from Rachel buttons! How does your inventory fit as gift items, demonstrate this!.How does your inventory connect across time, is it about you or your stuff or about touching their memory button? arrange stuff accordingly.
    Display everything nicely. Encourage people to touch by handing them things.
    Too much to comment on, above all else, be confident and smile lots and lots. Do not think anything but the best. and if you have an after show strategy, you will not stumble during the show, so use that to move forward.
    Best to you in a fun adventure. :-}

    • Hey, Thanks so much for taking the time to write and offer advice. I did do some of the things you suggested although I think it was lost on the people who attended the fair. Not a very successful day I’m afraid. Everyone has been so kind though with the offer of advice and i just wanted to write back and say that it was very much appreciated. On to the next one now!

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